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Vanessa Baird examines the free-for-all consensus when it comes to the world’s oceans, and its implications for our future.

Peter Whittaker speaks to writer, lawyer and human rights activist Raja Shehadeh about the politics of memory in Palestine and Israel.

The global climate strike is a crucial mobilization against ecological breakdown. Adam Weymouth speaks to those preparing to strike.

Danny Chivers unpacks how the public purse continues to subsidize extractive industry.

Enrolment does not equal education, argues Nilanjana Bhowmick.

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Latest issue

September-October 2019, Issue 521

Big story

  • Who owns the sea?
  • How to fight illegal fishing
  • Marine gene rush
  • Who is militarizing the South China Sea?
  • High seas, low deeds

Also this issue …

  • Inside DRC's Ebola Crisis
  • The life and times of Thomas Sankara
  • What if we all went vegan?
  • Delete your account

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